Why Hire Me?

I know what you’re looking for in a freelance editor.

When I was a senior editor for a major publishing company, I hired freelancers myself. Few could provide the level of quality I needed. When I found those few, I used them over and over because I trusted them.

I became a freelancer so I could provide that same level of service to you. Here’s what I’ll bring to your project:


I’ve been editing nonfiction book manuscripts for over three decades—first as an in-house editor, and now as a freelancer.

Although most of my freelance projects are trade books (that is, books sold in bookstores and online), I have a background in educational publishing. My years as a textbook editor taught me how to explain concepts clearly and accurately without patronizing the reader or “dumbing down” the content.

Analytical thinking

If the walls of your house are falling down, you don’t just slap on a fresh coat of paint. Editing works the same way. It doesn’t make sense to start with punctuation and spelling if the manuscript has bigger problems, such as structural flaws, lack of focus, or gaps in logic.

With that in mind, I don’t just gloss over a manuscript. I really look at what it’s saying and how it says it. Are topics presented in logical order? Does every sentence and paragraph have a purpose? Do explanations make sense?

My goal is not to criticize, but to improve the manuscript. Every book has something valuable to say. But if it’s not presented well, your readers will miss the point.


For an editor, being meticulous about details is a good thing. Most people wouldn’t care whether the word “only” is in the right place. I do.

But I go beyond the minutiae. A manuscript isn’t edited to my satisfaction until it has:

  • An overall structure that’s logical, consistent, and easy to follow.
  • Well-organized paragraphs.
  • Clear, concise sentences.
  • A writing style that’s pleasing to the ear and tailored to the audience.

On the other hand, I don’t revise just for the sake of revising. I strive to retain the author’s unique voice and viewpoint. After all, it’s your book, not mine.

Technical expertise

Professionals have the right tools for the job and know how to use them.

  • I’m adept at editing electronically. Software tools such as macros and global searches help me make routine changes quickly and accurately. That leaves more time and energy for editorial decisions that require the human touch.
  • I can make Microsoft Word do my bidding (and yours)—from creating headings that work in outline view to applying styles correctly for consistent formatting.
  • I have an excellent ear for good writing. And when I run into a grammar quandary or a style stumper, I have reference books and online resources at my fingertips.
  • I’m well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style, the standard style guide for book publishing. I'll also be happy to follow other style guides (such as APA) or a publisher's house style.
  • I’m continually adding new tools and techniques to improve my efficiency.

A pleasant working relationship

My clients can tell you that I’m easy to work with. I’m not afraid to ask questions when needed, but I won’t pester you. I’ll follow your preferences for whether and when I should query you before making changes. I provide helpful suggestions, not harsh criticisms. In short, I strive to make working together a pleasant experience for both of us.

Those are just some of the valuable qualities I will bring to your project. To find out what specific editorial tasks you might request, read about my services.