What I Edit

When I hire a contractor, I look for an expert in the specific type of work I want to have done. That gives me confidence that the job will be done right.

I’ll bet you feel the same way about hiring an editor. Why not choose one who specializes in what you need? Take a look at my areas of expertise and see if we’re a good match. 

Nonfiction books

I specialize in editing nonfiction books, an area in which I have decades of experience. I do not edit fiction.

Most of the books I edit are written for a general audience—not scholars or experts in a specialized field. Yet these books may include some pretty complex ideas. I help make sure they’re communicated clearly.

Printed or e-books

The manuscripts I edit may become printed books, e-books, or both. The editing process is similar in each case.

Subject matter specialties

Although open to a variety of nonfiction subject matter, I’m especially drawn to subjects that fit into one of two broad categories:

Thought-provoking — Subjects that inspire curiosity, imagination, and thoughtful exploration of ideas, such as...

  • memoir
  • biography
  • history
  • current affairs
  • travel
  • religion and spirituality
  • philosophy
  • science for general audiences

Practical — Subjects that directly benefit readers in some way, including...

  • health and fitness
  • nutrition
  • parenting
  • self-improvement
  • business skills
  • personal finance
  • communication
  • how-to

Who are my clients?

I’ve edited many books for publishers, as you can see on my client list. But these days, most of my clients are individual authors. Some plan to self-publish; others are preparing to submit their manuscripts to agents and traditional publishers.

Whether you’re a publisher or an author, we’re most likely to work together successfully if: 

  • You believe that your books make a difference in people’s lives. Yes, we all want to make money. But making a quick buck shouldn’t be the sole motivation for writing or publishing. I love books because they can entertain, educate, and inspire, and I hope you do too. 
  • You value quality. If you’re willing to “get by” with a sloppily produced book, I’m not the editor for you. I take pride in being thorough, and I’m obsessive about quality.

Are we a match?

If you have the right kind of project for me, find out why I’m the kind of editor you’ll want to hire.