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Editors are writers, too! Here’s where you can find articles I’ve written to share my tips on writing and editing with you. I’ve also listed some of my favorite Web links for writers and editors.


Organizing Your Writing: A Ten-Step Manuscript Makeover
by Kathy Carter
Everyone likes to be  organized, but the process of getting  organized can be overwhelming. That’s just as true when you’re trying to organize your thoughts in a report or article as it is when you’re dealing with piles of clutter in your home. Read full article

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Web links

Editorial Freelancers Association—The professional resource for editorial specialists and those who hire them.

EFA Code of Fair Practice—Ethical standards and contract guidelines for editorial freelancers and clients.

Chicago Women in Publishing—An organization for professionals in the publishing industry and allied fields.

Spark: Peoria Area Freelance Professionals—An organization of freelance communications professionals in central Illinois.

Chicago Manual of Style Q&A—Have a question about the style most commonly followed by book publishers? Find the answer here.

Grammar Handbook at the Center for Writing Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—Explains and illustrates basic grammatical rules.

Editorium Update—Free weekly email newsletter that provides tips about editing, writing, and typesetting in Microsoft Word.

Agent Query—The Internet’s largest and most current database of literary agents.

The Book Designer—Joel Friedlander's blog, offering practical advice to help self-publishing authors build better books.