Editing Services

What can I do for you?

To help authors create quality nonfiction books, I offer the following services:

Developmental editing. Have you finished a draft, but it still seems a little rough? Are you wondering how to revise your manuscript to make it better? Developmental editing provides advice about “big picture” aspects—such as theme, overall organization, and writing style—to help you improve your book. Learn more about this service.

Substantive line editing. This service is for manuscripts that are ready for hands-on editing. I’ll go through the manuscript line by line, making corrections and suggestions. The goal is not only to eliminate errors, but to make sure the text is clearly written and flows smoothly. Learn more about this service.

Other editing services. Every book is different, so I tailor my editing based on the manuscript’s needs and the client’s goals. If the services described above don’t fit your situation, contact me to discuss other options. 

Working together

How do we get started, and what can you expect during the project? Read on to find out about the process we’ll follow when working together.