What Clients Are Saying

   “I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with
    Kathy. From our first exchange to our last, Kathy was professional, 
    her responses were prompt, and she was such a pleasure to work
    with. Her insight as a developmental editor is priceless. The 
    suggestions she provided were thoughtful and are sure to make my
    book significantly better.”
Dayna Reed, author   

   “We were first-time authors and were worried about where to go for
    editing. We found Kathy Carter and are so glad we did. She was
    meticulous, understanding, and patient with us. She made so many
    great suggestions on how we could make our book better. The
    finished product was excellent. We will use her again!"
John and Laura Roach, authors   

   “I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to refer Kathy's editing services.
    She was professional, thorough, and completed her edits in the time
    frame promised. She took my rough manuscript and made numerous
    brilliant suggestions to increase its clarity and organization. Her
    detailed advice was invaluable to me. I have no hesitation saying
    that Kathy made my book, Time Well Spent, the best it could be. I
    couldn't have done it without her expertise. I will be using her in
    future projects!”
Jodie Norton, author   
   “Kathy Carter is a pro! I'm so thrilled I worked with her. She helped
    me better position my book for marketability and then cleaned up
    my words and thoughts in a way that kept my reputation in check
    as I presented my book to the world. I self-published, but many
    people have asked me how much of a book advance I received
    because they couldn’t tell the book wasn’t put out by a major
    publisher. I highly recommend Kathy.”
Jason Blake, author   

   “As a novice writer, I knew that I would commit grammatical sins, 
    but I did not appreciate how helpful an objective, skilled reader—
    an editor—could be in making the ideas in many of my sentences 
    and paragraphs come through more clearly. From a satisfied
    customer, thanks again.” 
Bill Angus, author   

   “Thank you for your excellent work on the manuscript! It is deeply
    appreciated. Your insights and corrections are fantastic. I am excited
    to make the necessary adjustments and take the next steps with
    this book.” 
Zena E. Manley, author   

   “Thank you so much for your efforts and your patience in dealing 
    with this neophyte. Your attention to detail and thoughtful
    suggestions have improved my manuscript tremendously. You are 
    a gem. 
Debbie Koch Kirsch, author   

   “I've been looking at your comments and am quite impressed. You
    have been able to provide valuable perspective on how this might 
    flow better, not to mention many 'spot on' comments in the text to
    tighten things up. Thank you.”
John Llewellyn, author   

   “I want to thank you again for all your comments and suggestions. 
    You have given me a lot to think about. You clarified a lot of issues 
    that were nagging at the back of my mind, pointed out others I 
    hadn’t focused on, and gave valuable guidelines for addressing them 
    all... I really appreciate your hard work on this.” 
Karen McCann, author   

   “I just wanted to write and reiterate how much I enjoyed working
    with you... The manuscripts benefitted tremendously from your
    meticulous and caring edits. I appreciated your responsiveness and
    proactive communication every step of the way.”
Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, author and editor   
   “Your editing and recommendations were outstanding and
    surpassed all expectations.” 
Victor Tomé, Silverton Press   

   “I’ve been going through the edit and you did a fantastic job. Your  
    review of the manuscript is thorough and thoughtful, and the 
    finished product will be much better as a result of your care and 
    attention. We really appreciate it.” 
Mary Benard, Senior Editor, Skinner House Books   

   “Thank you for your incredible assistance! Your comments were
    very helpful.” 
Terrence  Johnson, author   

   “Your comments were excellent, much appreciated, and significantly
    improved my work. I am very appreciative of your obvious editing
    skills and look forward to working with you on the manuscript for
    my next book.”
(Name withheld by request)   

   “Working with you has been a very positive experience and made 
    me look at the book with fresh eyes, which is hard to do when 
    you’re the author and absorbed in the content every day.” 
Monica Vest Wheeler, author   

   “I just want to thank you again for your fine work. I'm amazed how
    often I write something illogical, out of order, or nonsensical. You 
    find it where I wouldn't if I read it a hundred times.” 
Alan Barber, author   

   “You are a wonder woman!”
Amy Fritson-Coffman, author   

   “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathy. Her experience and
    expertise helped to shape my book and polish it to a high standard.
    She also gave excellent advice regarding the structure of my book
    and was on hand with suggestions of how to improve it. I thoroughly
    recommend Kathy as an editor — you won’t regret it!”
Stephanie Caswell, author   

   “Kathy Carter has been a wonderful developmental editor. She has
    helped me to organize the flow of my narrative, improve the sensory 
    details, and keep the story focused with just the right amount of
    necessary background information in the opening pages. Without
    Kathy's help, my memoir would have fallen short in all these realms.
    I'm truly grateful for her attention to detail—both the big and small
Susan Blumberg-Kason, author   

   “Working with Kathy has been a pleasure! She has a great eye for
    detail, provides constructive feedback, and asks important questions
    to gain clarity... In fact, she corrected errors that another editor had
    missed. Her efforts are truly appreciated!”
Norma Nerstrom, author   

   “Kathy edited two nonfiction e-books for me and made valuable
    suggestions about book structure... I highly recommend her for your
    book editing.”
Michael Gulett, author   

   “Kathy did a very professional and thorough job editing my book...
    We had two authors’ writing styles that had to be meshed into one
    voice, as well as numerous technical details about using quotes, 
    how to format the manuscript for publication, and much more. 
    Kathy guided us through the whole process and made it easy to
    follow. I had a wonderful experience working with her!”
Lisa Shasky, author   

   “Kathy Carter — professional, timely, creative — everything I was
    looking for as an editor.”
Cyndi Streid, author   

   “Kathy Carter can take a piece of writing and make it stronger, 
    clearer, and more appealing.”
Michael W. Brown, author   

   “Working with Kathy was a pleasure. Her work was excellent, on
    time, and affordable. She understood what my book was trying to
    achieve and made fantastic edits and provided valuable ideas. I 
    look forward to working with her again soon.” 
Joel Kelly, author   

   “I've worked with Kathy on several occasions, and she always does
    a fantastic job. She is very easy to work with. Kathy is an editor that
    I know I can trust because she knows her stuff. I will definitely be 
    using her services again.” 
Florin Guerrier, President, Benevolent Butterfly Press   
   “Kathy has done editing for me twice, and I will return to her with 
    my third book as well. I found her a pleasure to work with and
    extremely professional. She did what she said, in the time frame
    discussed, and gave me even more than she promised. I would be
    pleased to recommend Kathy to anyone needing professional editing
    work done. An extraordinary service at a spectacular value.”
Lisa Schilling, RN, CPT, author